Welcome to my first blog

Hello and welcome.
It’s often said if you’re a developer, the web and social media is your canvas. Well, I’m no Hemingway and I’m certainly no Zuckerberg. But then again, this site was borne out of curiosity and a sense of fun in my spare more than anything else.
So fear not Amazon or Facebook, I am no competition 🙂
On a more serious note though, this endeavour actually started out as a book mark for articles I came across on my phone but didn’t have time to finish, such as during the commute to work.
For now this is just a placeholder as you can see for what will hopefully one day (when I get more time) be a micro blog. Nothing special in particular, just a place to share and store some of the more interesting articles/developments in the world of IT and in particular, cloud and analytics. It won’t be another technical blog either, there’s plenty of great ones out there already. The focus will be more on the ever increasing convergence of traditional BI, cloud and web, and the new tools and skills required to stay ahead of the game (perhaps even just keep up). Because while your bread and butter may be BI, you better be prepared to go beyond relational.
Stayed tuned, a lot of cool things coming out especially from Azure and Googles (some still buggy and/or not prime time ready). For me, still trying out the plumbing for now 🙂

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