MSCE Certifications: SQL 2016


The pathway to MSCE finally makes sense, especially now with the removal of the compulsory data mining components, which was never popular and limited in use-well with SSAS anyway and especially if you’re not from a statistical background like most developers. IF you haven’t seen it, it’s worth having a look. Finally prompted me to go and sit the exams.

Very useful and something I encourage all developers to sit. Only thing not too fond off so far, too much DBA/ architectural questions (common guys, questions on Resource Pools and Elastic Scale for Azure relevant/realistic? Interesting but that’s not our roles).

Also found it interesting CLR integration is not part of 2016 exams. Could that be because this feature is not enabled in most organisations as most DBAs don’t know enough to administer it?

Let me know what you think.

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