Continuous development and cool freebies


There was a popular post on LinkedIn recently that pointed to a blog that contained stacks of free Microsoft e-books.

Rather than just re-sharing the post, I thought I’d add what I know to be also freely available from Syncfusion and  Redgate, two successful software firms specialising in data, web and .Net development.

Each of the three offers something different but my favourite and one I encourage all developers and anyone who works closely with developers or systems to visit is the Syncfusion Succinctly series. The beauty of these books is gives you a glimpse of how things work very quickly without being bogged down by the theories, background etc. Straight to the point and written by some of the best in the industry, it is just enough to get started and as any developer will tell you, that’s probably the most time-consuming bit. And if you like what that library/framework does, you dig deeper.

My personal favourite and one I think best illustrate the points above are the ones for MongoDB from Synfusion-one book here got me further than three others combined from traditional publishers (you’d think they we’re targeting academics-probably were but there’s not much on the market on this), not to mention the hours wasted reading blogs after blogs of badly written or outdated examples.

The Redgate collection is not as extensive and generally focused on database and .Net development.  Defensive Database Programming is worth a read here as with anything from Grant Fritchey, Product Evangelist at Redgate, who is not only a master of his craft but also the best teacher when it comes to explaining the dark arts of performance tuning. I’ve read every book by this man and a lot wiser from it (though have to say the best ones don’t come free-but worth every cent).

Everyone loves freebies and most are time poor so enjoy.

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