Dynamic Charts in Power BI

Ok, I’m not sure this qualifies as a dynamic chart (after all, everyone’s interpretation of what that is, is different) but it’s super cool and something I just learnt from Patrick from Guys in a Cube. Funny enough, this was something one of our customers/BAs recently asked for and which I initially said was not possible. Did some research, and I was wrong (Baron, if you ever see this, this for you mate).

Rather than showing you how to do it, I’ll jump straight into the end results and if it’s what you’re after, you can get the step by step instructions directly from their YouTube channel. They call it something else hence my blog here because if you search by Dynamic Chart, it probably won’t land on their site, a place I endeavour to go every week.

What it does is it lets you flick between two charts on the same sheet/area to create the impression the visuals/ charts have changed. In reality, it is simply hiding one and showing the other over the same area. The trigger can be anything like a button or picture. It goes something like this

This is your first chart. Nothing special here.

Dynamic Charts Power BI

This is the second chart, again nothing special.

Dynamic Charts Power BI

This below is what it look like when it’s finished. The object to the right of the chart is your trigger/button. You can see the effects of this for yourself by pressing down on it in the embedded visual below. Pretty cool hey? (if the button(s) are out of line, that’s an embedded thing, you don’t get that in Power BI)



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